Is the uv flatbed printer easy to operate?
For the current printing market, it is inevitable that the traditional printing and uv flatbed printers will be compared.To compare the printing process, printing effect, the comparison of the uv flatbed printer operation process is simple and so on. After all, there is an unknown device for replacing traditional printing. It is necessary to ask more questions. Then, let’s take a look at the operation of Wan Lida uv printer.
1. Turn on the power, turn on the power supply of the transformer and machine power, computer power.

2. The picture to be printed is switched on the PS, rip, etc. mapping software, and then typeset on the CMYK channel.

3. Open the inkjet switch, turn on the uv light power. Place the printed matter on the uv flatbed printer platform, turn on the adsorption function power supply, measure the thickness of the printed matter, adjust the height according to the printed object, and return to the origin.

4. Check the nozzle of the uv flatbed printer and print the sample to correct the color. After correcting the color, locate the origin according to the size of the printed matter and the size of the pattern.

5. Printing, uv flatbed printer is not affected by the material of the object: It can use rich colors in raw materials (glass, tile, plastic, leather, wood, metal, crystal, acrylic, coated paper, etc.) and finished products (bags, signs, The surface of the logo, trunk, water cup, etc. should be printed in color. During the printing process, the head of the uv flatbed printer should not be touched. In case of emergency, press the red emergency switch button immediately, and the device will automatically return to the origin after printing.

6. Shut down, remove the printed matter, turn off the inkjet switch, adsorption switch, uv light switch, print switch, computer switch, etc., and then turn off the machine and the switch.

From the introduction of the above-mentioned Wan Lida Xiaobian, do you think the operation process of the uv flatbed printer is simple? Is the print effect good? The answer should be understood by you, which is so simple, convenient, fast, and labor-saving compared to traditional printing. Don’t worry about the print quality is not good, the order can not be completed. You also want to know more online consultation.

What is affecting the retirement of uv flatbed printer products?
The average manufacturer will say that the scrap rate printed by the uv flatbed printer is zero, but some will still have a scrap rate. What is the reason for this? After all, the scrap rate printed by the uv flatbed printer directly affects the profit. Therefore, Wan Lida Xiaobian came to tell you what caused it.

1.uv flatbed printer’s own hardware
Customers buy machines not for temporary consumption, but for long-term production considerations, so be sure to choose good quality manufacturers, so that the quality of uv flat-panel printers can be good, you can rest assured. Wanlida strictly controls every part to achieve zero error.

2. Supporting software system
How can a low-profile computer run the win7 system perfectly. And uv flatbed printers are a reason, some manufacturers are equipped with pirated software, which is definitely not the same as genuine. This will be very different in color, and naturally the product will be scrapped.

3. The production environment around the machine
If there is a lot of dust around, when the machine is running, dust will fly into the nozzle, which will cause the nozzle to clog or print uneven ink, which will make the product scrap. The uv flatbed printer has certain requirements for the humidity and temperature of the surrounding environment.

In fact, the first two companies will be excluded, and Wanlida has ten years of production experience, integrating production, R&D and manufacturing. It has a workshop of 6,500 square meters and an office area of ​​1,500 square meters for research and development. Manufacturing to do the control, the quality of each of their uv printers is reliable. A professional uv flatbed printer manufacturer from Wanlida, you can trust.

Can uv flatbed printers play 3D effects?
Many people ask uv flatbed printers to print 3D effects? Where is it generally used? Will the business be ok? People ask whether they care about whether the uv flatbed printer can make money or not, and whether it will fail to invest. It is normal to have such doubts.
The uv flatbed printer can print 3D effects. It uses the nozzle to first print white ink, and then prints the ink of other colors on the basis of printing the white ink accumulation pad at the place where it is intended to be highlighted, which produces a 3D effect. The 3D effect printed by the uv flatbed printer conforms to the trend of young people’s tastes, and there are many places that can be used. For example: the craft of the wall, the walls of the bedroom and bathroom, the ground, the advertising, the glass bridge on the attraction, and so on. It can be said that the use is very wide, naturally the business will not be bad, the demand for more orders will be more, this is the unchanging truth. If you are good at business, will you still fail to invest? Originally, the cost of printing on uv flatbed printers is not high, and it can be used in many industries.

What are the classifications of uv flatbed printer coatings?
With its unique advantages, uv flatbed printers occupy a place in the market in the market. It is known that uv flatbed printers can be printed on any flat surface. However, some materials are special, the printing effect is not as good as expected, and it will fade, so how to solve it?
This can be used with uv coating. Some people ask what the coating does. The function is to improve the adhesion of the pattern so that it can be cured on the surface of the substrate for a long time. The coating is sprayed with a surface treatment agent on the outer surface of the material.
When coating, many people will ask whether the uv flatbed printer coating can be used on a variety of substrates. The answer is if you don’t consider adhesion, you can. If you want to consider adhesion, it won’t work. The UV printer coating is a coating for the substrate and ink, a substrate, taking into account the properties of the ink. That Wan Lida Xiaobian said that there are classifications of uv flatbed printer coatings.
1. Metal coating
Listening to metal knows that it can be used on iron plates, aluminum plates, magnesium-aluminum alloys, copper and other materials. It is applied to the surface to increase adhesion, and the uv print quality is more durable and beautiful. There are two kinds of transparent and white, both of which can be used for bright and matte effects.
2. ABS coating
Applicable to wood, PVC, ABS, gypsum board, thick kraft paper, acrylic, PS, PVC, ordinary plastic, etc., respectively, transparent and white, can do light and matte effect.
3. Leather coating
Can be applied to PVC leather, leather, PU leather, etc., in order to make better light and matte effect on leather materials.
4. Silicone coating
Suitable for silicone, rubber, this material is soft. Poor surface activity, flame treatment, or insufficient adhesion, flame treatment, by experience, the surface can not be sprayed too thick, otherwise it is not easy to dry, specific operational details to provide customers.
5. Glass coating
Applicable to plexiglass, tempered glass, ceramics, ceramic tiles, crystal, special treatment, transparent and white, both can be used for bright and matte effects. Resistance to boiling water requires a little higher, usually with white oil, adhesion is very important, white oil should not be too strong, otherwise it is easy to dissolve the pattern, preferably spray twice.
6. PC coating
PC is a hard material. PC material is flame retardant, wear resistant, and oxidation resistant. Generally, adhesion is not easy to pass, and a special coating is required.