Wan Li Da digital printing equipment is extremely popular for use in advertising, interior decoration, leather bags and cases, electronic products, clothes, hand crafted products and more. We have earned a great reputation both here in China and around the world.

Decoration industry applications

Decorations and special products are professional and personalized markets, such as art glass, decorative ceramics, wooden crafts, furniture, fake metal plates, ceilings, curtains, etc. This market is characterized by high processing of components, low production efficiency, and short-running business. It is most suitable for replacing with digital inkjet technology. At least 30% of platform printers are currently used in a unique, personalized market.

Signage industry application

Hard signage in the advertising, transportation, power and other industries is also the beneficiary of platform inkjet printers. Platform inkjet printers using UV ink can be directly printed onto the final signage materials, such as metal, reflective film, wood, plastic, etc. The traditional screen printing or printing on the adhesive-coated film-like materials, and then attached to the process, reducing the number of processes, reducing costs, and increasing the degree of firmness.

Exhibition, display industry application

The production of POP panels for use in on-site promotions, outlets, museums and exhibitions is one of the most important applications for wide-format images, both digital and screen printing, which together account for 42% of the wide image market. If you use UV ink to directly print on hard boards, such as KT board, acrylic board, plexiglass board, etc., it reduces the trouble of filming, fading and foaming in the past, while saving a lot of labor, you can wave goodbye to expensive and Time-consuming work of mounting flexible prints on rigid media.

Leather, textile industry applications

Traditional screen printing leather and textile printing have high requirements for plate making and quality requirements. Therefore, there are many high-end products, few middle and low-end products, and no transition colors. Leather printing using thermal transfer technology, the material becomes hard after being heated, and the color changes. The weakness of these leather printing needs new technology to solve, which brings business opportunities to flatbed printing technology.

Which is better for uv printer nozzles?

Uv printer nozzles, Epson, Seiko, Ricoh have their own low-end, mid-range, high-end series, the advantages of different types of nozzles are not the same, can not say one-sided this good, which is poor. You can choose the nozzles that suit your material needs from the following five technical levels.Epson, Ricoh, Seiko nozzle comparison:

1. Printing accuracy: Epson five-generation nozzle > Seiko gs1024 nozzle > Ricoh nozzle.

2. Sprinkler life: Seiko nozzle > Ricoh nozzle > Epson nozzle.

3. Sprinkler price: Ricoh 5th generation nozzle> Seiko gs1024 nozzle> Epson fifth generation nozzle.

4. Nozzle stability: Seiko nozzle > Ricoh nozzle > Epson nozzle.

5. Matching varnish process plan: Epson nozzle > Seiko nozzle > Ricoh nozzle.

6. Corresponding manufacturer's technical level: Seiko nozzle > Ricoh nozzle > Epson nozzle.

The uv printer nozzle should not be entangled in which one to choose. The nozzle is definitely better to use industrial nozzles. Although the price in the previous period is more expensive, the latter maintenance is very simple. And the quality of the industrial head is also better.

If you don't print a lot, you can still choose Epson nozzles. Epson nozzles are cheaper than industrial nozzles, but they are used for a short time.

How to maintain uv flatbed printer in winter?

Recently, the weather has been reduced, which indicates that it has officially entered the winter, we must pay attention to keep warm and cold. Then the machine should also pay attention to certain maintenance to avoid freezing. After all, the news of freezing machines in winter is not uncommon, especially in the weather in the north. Some places are more than 20 degrees below zero. Today, Wanlida Xiaobian will tell you how to maintain the winter uv flatbed printer.

1.In winter, the uv flatbed printer should be placed in a normal working environment, should ensure that the operating room to maintain temperature above 25 degrees, relative humidity of 20 -80%; if the equipment is not used for a long time, the ink should be drained and cleaned with a special cleaning solution to keep the ink head unblocked.

2. Use 220V plug correctly to ensure that the power supply of the equipment is grounded correctly.

3. Static electricity will interfere with the normal operation of the equipment, ink head ink will be unstable, in serious cases can cause the motherboard, ink head is burned, so to prevent static interference. Before operating the UV flatbed printer, the operator should wash his hands and strictly follow the operating procedures in the manual. Once the static interference occurs, stop the operation immediately and check the current working environment.

4.The viscosity of the ink will increase when the temperature is extremely low, which will affect the ink discharge of the nozzle and cause the ink to break. If the air is too dry, it will cause the ink to be dispensed when the nozzle is printed. Please keep the room temperature not lower than 25 °C, and the air humidity is not lower than 50%, to ensure the normal storage conditions of the ink.