How to maintain the uv flatbed printers in the summer time

The weather is getting hotter and hotter in the summer time, people are overwhelmed to turn on the air conditioner, how should the uv flatbed printer get through in the summer?


Temperature control

If the temperature is too high, it will cause some domestic uv flatbed printers to fly or pull the hair. It is recommended to control the indoor temperature. The uv flatbed printer should be placed in a cool, backlit corner to avoid high temperature and direct sunlight. The suitable indoor temperature is 20 °C ~ 28 °C, and the humidity is 25% ~ 80%. If the working environment of the uv printer is too hot, please install cooling equipment in the workshop.

Print test

Due to the high temperature weather, the ink evaporates quickly. The uv flatbed printer starts to print a square of material every day to check whether the printing effect is normal, so as to avoid the nozzle clogging and damage the nozzle.

Power- off and Moisturizing

When the uv flatbed printer does not work for a long time, you can choose to power off and moisturize, do not let the machine in standby, so the temperature will rise.


Timely cleaning

It is especially important to clean the interior and exterior hygiene of the uv flatbed printer on a weekly basis, especially at key locations such as the nose and guide rails. The position of the flat wire must be checked every day when it is turned on, and it is timely confirmed whether the surface is clean and the link is tight and not loose.

The uv flatbed printer is a high-precision printing device. In the course of its work, it must pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment, so that the equipment can work more stably.


Maintenance method of uv printers in long time holiday

What are the methods for the maintenance of uv flatbed printers during the long time holiday? Wanlida has the following ways to operate and maintain:

1. Someone is taking a short vacation:

If the nozzle is not cleaned or the nozzle is not removed, the uv flatbed printer needs to be printed once every two days, the ink is printed in a state diagram, the state of the nozzle is observed, and the white ink cycle is turned on for half an hour.


2.Within 15 days of vacation, you can use:

The nozzle is not disassembled. Use uv cleaning solution, absolute ethanol (100% industrial alcohol) to rinse the nozzles in turn, rinse them and then spray into the nozzle moisturizing solution. Wipe the surface of the nozzle cleanly, seal the bottom of the nozzle with the edible plastic wrap, and finally cover the head with a sunshade. When using again, please mix the white ink main cartridge and the 2-level ink cartridge evenly before using.


3.If the vacation is more than 15 days, you can use:

Remove the nozzle, use UV cleaning solution, rinse the nozzle with absolute ethanol, rinse it, and then spray the nozzle moisturizing liquid. Put the surface of the nozzle, the surrounding area, wipe it clean, put it into the nozzle box, and store it in the dark. The ink remaining in the machine's ink path and secondary ink cartridge should be cleaned and rinsed with cleaning solution.

After the holiday, when you re-use the uv flatbed printer, you need to rinse the nozzle with uv cleaning solution, and add excess cleaning liquid to add ink.



(1)Before cleaning the nozzle, turn off the uv flatbed printer and remove the nozzle cable. When cleaning, the adapter plate is wrapped with a ziplock bag by a non-woven fabric, which can effectively prevent the nozzle line and the transfer plate from damaging the ink on the circuit board. The nozzle line cannot be installed without the ink in the nozzle. Remember to turn off the uv tablet printer when plugging and unplugging the cable. Please consult Wanlida technicians during operation.

(2)Because the nozzle is more expensive, the above operations must use the company's consumables, and you can consult the Wanlida technicians if you have any technical problems during operation. The company does not assume any responsibility for blockage or damage of the nozzle caused by different environments and different operation modes. (The ambient temperature of the uv flatbed printer is kept above 10°)



What is the solution for the uv flatbed printer not responding?

1.First look at the uv flatbed printer whether online, if not, naturally there is no way to print. The solution is to turn on the power of the uv tablet printer and then connect it online.

2. See if the uv flatbed printer is set to pause printing, so that you can't print even if you operate the computer. The solution is to cancel the pause setting in the software operation with the uv tablet printer.

3.Go to the computer to see if the uv flatbed printer is set to the default print format, if it is not set to the default printer, there is no way to transfer the print content to the printer, the uv flatbed printer will not respond. The solution is to set the uv tablet printer as the default printer in the computer printing program.

4. If the uv flatbed printer is set to the default printer and still does not respond, it may be that the printer port used in the printer program is not appropriate. The solution is to open the printer printing software and set the appropriate print port for the uv printer.

All the problems were caused by the carelessness or inadvertent encounter of the settings and the change of its operating instructions. Have you encountered such a problem solved by the uv flatbed printer solution and non-response reasons? If you can't consult Wanlida technicians.