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Welcome to WAN LIDA technical support. Whether you’re looking for machine help, drivers, software download, user manuals or guides, you can find all them here. With WAN LIDA Care, you get the industry’s best service and support.

Check to see if your device is registered to take full advantage of your extended warranty support, including phone and technical support.

We provide comprehensive technological explanations and introductions to all of our equipment so that customers can choose the right printer for their needs. If our existing products fail to meet requirements, we offer customized services.

During Sales
Regular printers are shipped within 10 days, and our customized products are shipped within 45 days. All machines are packed in a wooden case, and through our partnerships with international freight companies, we guarantee an on-time delivery.

1. All of our products are guaranteed for one year. During the warranty period, we offer free maintenance and wearing component replacement. Upon request, remote instructions and guidance is also available. After the warranty period, machine maintenance and wearing components are offered at a reasonable price.
2. Installation videos and documents are provided to the client. We also offer on-site installation and maintenance. Customers are always welcome to have a chat with our engineers as well.


Clean Up and Maintenance of Flatbed Printers
Preliminary maintenance work of the print head after installation 
1. To ensure the printer head's optimum performance, before using the print head, please allow the machine to work for 1 to 2 days and print in CYMK four colors. This is to ensure the 4 print heads work normally.
2. When doing inkjet work, remove the wet sponge and its bracket from the right end of the machine.

How to maintain the print head after daily work
When all printing work in done, please follow the following maintenance steps.
1. Power off the machine.
2. Clean up the sponge with professional cleaning agent and soak the sponge in said cleaning agent.
3. Move the machine head back to the right end and tightly connect the sponge to the print head.
4. Leave the machine alone all night.

After finding slight blockage: 
1. Suggestion: Press pause and use a vacuum cleaning device or manual air pump to eject ink from the head. When cleaning is completed, spray a cleaning agent into the head to remove the remaining ink.
Note: While using the manual air pump, do not use too much force, or else you'll damage the print head.
2. Quick and complete fixes of blockage problems are vital to ensuring the machine runs at its optimal state for a long period of time.
3. It is necessary to carefully check the sprint head and determine the reason for the blockage in the first place.

For frequent print head blockage
1. Press pause to suspend printing work, and purge to move the machine into the cleaning position at the left end.
2. Keep the power on and unplug all cables that connect the auxiliary ink cartridge to the level sensor on the control panel.
3. Unplug the ink tubes and use an injector to extract a professional cleaning agent in order to clean the print head. Keep 40mL of the cleaning agent in the print head for a10 minutes each round. Repeat 3 to 4 times.
4. After the cleaning work is accomplished, plug in the ink tube and level sensor cables, and continue with production.