Applications of UV printers? 
UV printers are widely used in applications such as advertising, glass panels, 
wood flooring, ceramic tiles, ceilings, electronic product casings, personalized 
decorations, etc. 
How to maintain the uv flatbed printers in the summer time? 
The weather is getting hotter and hotter in the summer time, people are overwhelmed to turn on the air conditioner, how should the uv flatbed printer get through in the summer? 
Temperature control 
If the temperature is too high, it will cause some domestic uv flatbed printers to fly or pull the hair. It is recommended to control the indoor temperature. The uv flatbed printer should be placed in a cool, backlit corner to avoid high temperature and direct sunlight. The suitable indoor temperature is 20 °C ~ 28 °C, and the humidity is 25% ~ 80%. If the working environment of the uv printer is too hot, please install cooling equipment in the workshop. 
Print test 
Due to the high temperature weather, the ink evaporates quickly. The uv flatbed printer starts to print a square of material every day to check whether the printing effect is normal, so as to avoid the nozzle clogging and damage the nozzle. 
Power-off and Moisturizing 
When the uv flatbed printer does not work for a long time, you can choose to power off and moisturize, do not let the machine in standby, so the temperature will rise. 
Timely cleaning 
It is especially important to clean the interior and exterior hygiene of the uv flatbed printer on a weekly basis, especially at key locations such as the nose and guide rails. The position of the flat wire must be checked every day when it is turned on, and it is timely confirmed whether the surface is clean and the link is tight and not loose. 
The uv flatbed printer is a high-precision printing device. In the course of its work, it must pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment, so that the equipment can work more stably. 
Maintenance method of uv printers in long time holiday? 
What are the methods for the maintenance of uv flatbed printers during the longtimeholiday? WAN LIDAhas the following ways to operateandmaintain: 
1.   Someone is taking a short vacation: If the nozzle is not cleaned or the nozzle is not removed, the uv flatbed printer needs to be printed once every two days, the ink is printed in a state diagram, the state of the nozzle is observed, and the white ink cycle is turned on for half an hour. 
2.   Within 15 days of vacation, you can use: The nozzle is not disassembled. Use uv cleaning solution, absolute ethanol (100% industrial alcohol) to rinse the nozzles in turn, rinse them and then spray into the nozzle moisturizing solution. Wipe the surface of the nozzle cleanly, seal the bottom of the nozzle with the edible plastic wrap, and finally cover the head with a sunshade. When using again, please mix the white ink main cartridge and the 2-level ink cartridge evenly before using. 
3.   If the vacation is more than 15 days, you can use: Remove the nozzle, use UV cleaning solution, rinse the nozzle with absolute ethanol, rinse it, and then spray the nozzle moisturizing liquid. Put the surface 
of the nozzle, the surrounding area, wipe it clean, put it into the nozzle box, and store it in the dark. The ink remaining in the machine's ink path and secondary ink cartridge should be cleaned and rinsed with cleaning solution. 
After the holiday, when you re-use the uv flatbed printer, you need to rinse the nozzle with uv cleaning solution, and add excess cleaning liquid to add ink. 
(1) Before cleaning the nozzle, turn off the uv flatbed printer and remove the nozzle cable. When cleaning, the adapter plate is wrapped with a ziplock bag by a non-woven fabric, which can effectively prevent the nozzle line and the transfer plate from damaging the ink on the circuit board. The nozzle line cannot be installed without the ink in the nozzle. Remember to turn off the uv tablet printer when plugging and unplugging the cable. Please consult WAN LI DAtechnicians during operation. 
(2) Because the nozzle is more expensive, the above operations must use the company's consumables, and you can consult the WAN LI DAtechnicians if you have any technical problems during operation. The company does not assume any responsibility for blockage or damage of the nozzle caused by different environments and different operation modes. (The ambient temperature of the uv flatbed printer is kept above 10°) 
Terrible!! Are you still operating the uv flatbed printer like this? 
The quantity of uv flatbed printers on the market is gradually increasing, and there are many problems with uv flatbed printers under such demand. Particularly obvious is the damage of the uv flatbed printer caused by operating the uv flatbed printer. According to the above situation, Wan Lida Xiaobian will talk to you. 
Brute force to adjust nozzle 
Use the external force to adjust the position of the nozzle. Do not use brute force, whether it is to replace or fine-tune the nozzle. Please treat the nozzle carefully according to the specifications. 
Ignore the work ground 
Printing of uv flatbed printers is greatly affected by static electricity, and the connection of grounding equipment should be checked frequently. 
Free switching of the circuit 
The uv flatbed printer circuit can be installed and removed freely without turning off the power and turning off the main power. This behavior can damage the life of each system and endanger the nozzle. 
Please turn off the power when cleaning 
Do not pay attention to protecting the board and other internal systems during cleaning. Turn off the power while cleaning, and be careful not to let water touch the board and other internal systems. 
Use inferior cleaning solution 
Clean the nozzle with a poor quality cleaning solution. The nozzle is very easy to be contaminated and worn, so please use the manufacturer's designated products and quality inspection products to clean the nozzle. 
Use inferior ink 
Feel free to add different batches of ink or use inferior ink or cleaning solution. The mixing of inks in two different configurations will change the color and quality of the ink. The quality of the ink will affect the printing effect and block the nozzle, which will damage the life of the nozzle. 
Wrong cleaning nozzle method 
The cleaning solution can be used to immerse the nozzle in the cleaning solution for a long time to more effectively clear the stain. However, the cleaning solution is corrosive. If the time exceeds 48 hours, it will affect the nozzle orifice itself. So if you don't understand anything, please ask a technician. The correct use and maintenance of the uv flatbed printer not only ensures the normal high-efficiency production operation of the machine, but also prolongs the service life of the uv printer, which can greatly reduce expenses and costs. Therefore, if you encounter operational problems, you can contact the technical staff of WAN LI DA. Do not operate without knowing it to avoid damage. 
After to holiday,what should we pay attention to in the uv flatbed printer to start work? 
When the holiday is always over, it will start unconsciously. Just started, what should I pay attentionto in theuv flatbedprinter? Has not beenused for a long time, for the uv flatbed printer Renaissance remind you of the following: 
1.   First checkthecircuit lineof theuv flatbedprinter,such asthe cable andthe plug-in line, if there is any obvious traumatic mouse bite; it can effectively avoid leakage and other situations; 
2.   Before the official use of the uv flatbed printer, we will firstly observe the operation of the uv printer and solve the problem in time. 
3.   The nozzle of the uv flatbed printer has been cleaned before the Spring Festival, and the nozzle needs to be cleaned with cleaning liquid after the festival to ensure that there is no impurity dust in the nozzle. At the same time, the excess cleaning solution should be drained before adding ink and using the machine. After the Spring Festival, when this kind of long-term use is not used, the situation of the uv flatbed printer is unknown, so you need to carefully check it. In the absence of any problems, put into production and use. If you encounter 
any problems, please contact our technical staff at the first time to solve the problem. 
UV flatbed printer carriage does not move or print misplacement, how to solve? 
Sometimes because of their unskilled or do not understand, uv flatbed printer car does not move or print misplaced, how to solve? It has become a big problem. First of all, we must know what causes the uv flatbed printer problem. 
The reason of why the uv flatbed printer does not move: 
First check whether the uv flatbed printer strip (belt) is damaged or broken, or if there is any foreign matter stuck to it, if any, you can clean the foreign object, change the grating strip, replace the belt, and clean the drag chain card slot. Push the car in the power-on state to see if the car is pushed. If you can push it, check the motor and the drive. 
Analysis of the misplacement of uv flatbed printer car printing: 
First check whether the uv flatbed printer strip (belt) is damaged or broken, or whether it is stuck to foreign objects, if any, you can clean foreign objects, change the grating strips, replace the belt, and clean the drag chain card slot. 
Is the uv flatbed printer easy to operate? 
For the current printing market, it is inevitable that the traditional printing and uv flatbed printers will be compared.To compare the printing process, printing effect, the comparison of the uv flatbed printer operation process is simple and so on. After all, there is an unknown device for replacing traditional printing. It is necessary to ask more questions. Then, let's take a look at the operation of Wan Lida uv printer. 
1.   Turn on the power, turn on the power supply of the transformer and machine power, computer power. 
2.   he picture to be printed is switched on the PS, rip, etc. mapping software, and then typeset on the CMYK channel. 
3.   Open the inkjet switch, turn on the uv light power. Place the printed matter on the uv flatbed printer platform, turn on the adsorption function power supply, measure the thickness of the printed matter, adjust the height according to the printed object, and return to the origin. 
4.   Check the nozzle of the uv flatbed printer and print the sample to correct the color. After correcting the color, locate the origin according to the size of the printed matter and the size of the pattern. 
5.   Printing, uv flatbed printer is not affected by the material of the object: It can use rich colors in raw materials (glass, tile, plastic, leather, wood, metal, crystal, acrylic, coated paper, etc.) and finished products (bags, signs, The surface of the logo, trunk, water cup, etc. should be printed in color. During the printing process, the head of the uv flatbed printer should not be touched. In case of emergency, press the red emergency switch button immediately, and the device will automatically return to the origin after printing. 
6.   Shut down, remove the printed matter, turn off the inkjet switch, adsorption switch, uv light switch, print switch, computer switch, etc., and then turn off the machine and the switch. 
What is affecting the retirement of uv flatbed printer products? 
The average manufacturer will say that the scrap rate printed by the uv flatbed printer is zero, but some will still have a scrap rate. What is the reason for this? After all, the scrap rate printed by the uv flatbed printer directly affects the profit.Causes might as below: 
1.   uv flatbed printer's own hardware 
Customers buy machines not for temporary consumption, but for long-term production considerations, so be sure to choose good quality manufacturers, so that the quality of uv flat-panel printers can be good, you can rest assured. WAN LI DAstrictly controls every part to achieve zero error. 
2.   Supporting software system 
How can a low-profile computer run the win7 system perfectly. And uv flatbed printers are a reason, some manufacturers are equipped with pirated software, which is definitely not the same as genuine. This will be very different in color, and naturally the product will be scrapped. 
3.   The production environment around the machine. 
If there is a lot of dust around, when the machine is running, dust will fly into the nozzle, which will cause the nozzle to clog or print uneven ink, which will make the product scrap. The uv flatbed printer has certain requirements for the humidity and temperature of the surrounding environment. 
What is the solution for the uv flatbed printer not responding? 
1.   First look at the uv flatbed printer whether online, if not, naturally there is no way to print. The solution is to turn on the power of the uv tablet printer and then connect it online. 
2.   See if the uv flatbed printer is set to pause printing, so that you can't print even if you operate the computer. The solution is to cancel the pause setting in the software operation with the uv tablet printer. 
3.   Go to the computer to see if the uv flatbed printer is set to the default print format, if it is not set to the default printer, there is no way to transfer the print content to the printer, the uv flatbed printer will not respond. The solution is to set the uv tablet printer as the default printer in the computer printing program. 
4.   If theuv flatbedprinter is set tothedefault printer andstill does not respond, it may be that the printer port used in the printer program is not appropriate. The solution is to open the printer printing software and set the appropriate print port for the uv printer. 
All the problems were caused by the carelessness or inadvertent encounter of the settings and the change of its operating instructions. Have you encountered such a problem solved by the uv flatbed printer solution and non-response reasons? If you can't consult WAN LI DA technicians. 
Why does the uv flatbed printer have a color cast during use? 
There may be the following reasons: 
1.   Ink problem, the ink produced according to the manufacturer is different, as well as the ink brand and the ink inlet. These will lead to different pigment composition ratios. This obviously causes the uv flatbed printer to print different patterns. . Therefore, you should use the original ink or designated ink of the manufacturer to avoid blocking the head. Renaissance uses US imported ink to make the picture quality clearer. 
2.   Printout software problem, if the software is pirated, there is no way to compare it with the genuine software. It can't accurately achieve the color as the genuine software. It can't accurately restore the color. Naturally, it can't transfer the accurate data to the uv flatbed printer. The head of the machine, so there will be a color cast problem. But this point is not a problem in WAN LI DA, and WAN LI DA uv flatbed printers all use genuine software. 
3.   uv flat-panel printer's own accuracy problems, low-precision print quality is not clear and delicate, the actual printed effect is not the same. The WAN LI DA family, which has been focusing on the flat-panel printing business for ten years, is strictly controlling the machine precision and achieving high 
standards. According to your precision requirements, choose three nozzles with different precision: Epson nozzle, Ricoh GH2220 nozzle, Ricoh G5 nozzle. There is also a problem of color cast when the picture accuracy is not up to standard, and WAN LI DA will send you the HD Gallery. 
Can uv flatbed printers play 3D effects? 
Many people ask uv flatbed printers to print 3D effects? Where is it generally used? Will the business be ok? People ask whether they care about whether the uv flatbed printer can make money or not, and whether it will fail to invest. It is normal to have such doubts. The uv flatbed printer can print 3D effects. It uses the nozzle to first print white ink, and then prints the ink of other colors on the basis of printing the white ink accumulation pad at the place where it is intended to be highlighted, which produces a 3D effect. The 3D effect printed by the uv flatbed printer conforms to the trend of young people's tastes, and there are many places that can be used. For example: the craft of the wall, the walls of the bedroom and bathroom, the ground, the advertising, the glass bridge on the attraction, and so on. It can be said that the use is very wide, naturally the business will not be bad, the demand for more orders will be more, this is the unchanging truth. If you are good at business, will you still fail to invest? Originally, the cost of printing on uv flatbed printers is not high, and it can be used in many industries. 
What are the classifications of uv flatbed printer coatings? 
With its unique advantages, uv flatbed printers occupy a place in the market in the market. It is known that uv flatbed printers can be printed on any flat surface. However, some materials are special, the printing effect is not as good as expected,
and it will fade, so how to solve it? 
This can be used with uv coating. Some people ask what the coating does. The function is to improve the adhesion of the pattern so that it can be cured on the surface of the substrate for a long time. The coating is sprayed with a surface treatment agent on the outer surface of the material. When coating, many people will ask whether the uv flatbed printer coating can be used on a variety of substrates. The answer is if you don't consider adhesion, you can. If you want to consider adhesion, it won't work. The UV printer coating is a coating for the substrate and ink, a substrate, taking into account the properties of the ink. That Wan Lida Xiaobian said that there are classifications of uv flatbed printer coatings. 
1. Metal coating 
Listening to metal knows that it can be used on iron plates, aluminum plates, magnesium-aluminum alloys, copper and other materials. It is applied to the surface to increase adhesion, and the uv print quality is more durable and beautiful. There are two kinds of transparent and white, both of which can be used for bright and matte effects. 
2. ABS coating 
Applicable to wood, PVC, ABS, gypsum board, thick kraft paper, acrylic, PS, PVC, ordinary plastic, etc., respectively, transparent and white, can do light and matte effect. 
3. Leather coating 
Can be applied to PVC leather, leather, PU leather, etc., in order to make better light and matte effect on leather materials. 
4. Silicone coating 
Suitable for silicone, rubber, this material is soft. Poor surface activity, flame treatment, or insufficient adhesion, flame treatment, by experience, the surface can not be sprayed too thick, otherwise it is not easy to dry, specific operational details to provide customers. 
5. Glass coating 
Applicable to plexiglass, tempered glass, ceramics, ceramic tiles, crystal, special treatment, transparent and white, both can be used for bright and matte effects. Resistance to boiling water requires a little higher, usually with white oil, adhesion is very important, white oil should not be too strong, otherwise it is easy to dissolve the pattern, preferably spray twice. 
6. PC coating 
PC is a hard material. PC material is flame retardant, wear resistant, and oxidation resistant. Generally, adhesion is not easy to pass, and a special coating is required. 
What affects the accuracyand speed of the uv flatbed printer? 
Race against time is synonymous with every producer. It is a pleasure to do more things, do more work, and do well and do beautiful things in a limited time. Therefore, the uv flatbed printer has been recognized. I know that the printing speed is fast, the precision is high, the stability is good, the printing effect is good, but I don't know what affects the accuracy and speed of the uv flatbed printer. 
1.The nature of the nozzle itself determines 
The WAN LI DA uv flatbed printer adopts Epson nozzle accuracy of 3.5PL, Ricoh GH2220 precision of 3.0PL, and Ricoh G5 precision of 7PL. Choose according to the speed accuracy you require to meet different needs. 
2.The motherboard and system decided 
Many manufacturers in the market do not have independent research and development of boards and systems, which directly affects the accuracy and speed of printing and the stability of printing. WAN LI DA has a ten-year brand of independent research and development technology. 
3.The configuration of the fuselage 
WAN LI DA uv flatbed printer adopts imported grinding screw, HIWIN brand guide rail, and the whole frame skeletal butt welding technology to ensure the fast operation of the fuselage is not lost. 
4.The operator's operating skills 
On the door-to-door installation, WAN LI DA is equipped with on-site guidance and training from professional technicians. 
5.The quality of uv ink 
Renaissance is equipped with a complete set of imported inks to ensure the output of the image quality, and does not block the nozzle like ordinary ink. 
6.The difference in printing materials 
The uv ink itself reacts to the printed material, and the degree of penetration of the different materials varies. 
7.The factors that print the picture itself 
When printing, the higher the accuracy of the image demand, the faster the speed is. But in terms of HD graphics, this is not a concern in Renaissance, we will send you a high-definition photo gallery. 
How to solve the small mistakes in the print quality of uv flatbed printers? 
The uv flatbed printer is simple to operate, but for those who have just touched the uv flatbed printer, there will still be more or less problems. If you print the image quality, you will get a mistake. How to solve it? In the printing production of uv flatbed printers, the quality of the image is wrong due to the failure of the nozzle, the placement of the medium and the adjustment of the height, mainly due to the ink drop or ink leakage of the nozzle, or the nozzle is too close to the material medium, causing the nozzle to wipe the surface of the medium. Damage picture quality. The printed material must be placed flat, which is much better for devices with suction devices. Of course, there is another reason why the printed material is too transparent or too thick. At this time, you need to reload the printing material to ensure that the surface is flat, and also to replace the opaque printing material. There are occasional drops of ink during the printing process of the uv flatbed printer. This is usually because the filter in the air filter on the sub-tank is wet, resulting in poor ventilation. This may also be caused by fine hair and dust such as the uv flatbed printer. The ink that is ejected will automatically drip when the dirt accumulates to a certain extent. To solve such problems, the air filter needs to be replaced. At the same time, it is necessary to clean the nozzle with a special cleaning solution. A detailed inspection of the two edges of the light box cloth is required to see if there are any extra burrs. If there are burrs, Use a lighter to do it easily. After the uv flatbed printer transmits the print data, its indicator light will keep flashing. Even if the start button is pressed, the uv flatbed printer will still not print. This is also a common print production failure that is difficult for an inexperienced operator to handle. It should be noted that if the uv flatbed printer performs an incorrect termination of the printing operation during the printing process, even if the printing job is stopped, some residual print data will be transmitted to the uv tablet printer on the computer side, and the memory remains. These print data, but in the uv tablet printer, these data are invalid, the printing work can not be achieved, and it will cause the subsequent printing work to not work properly. 
How to maintain uv flatbed printer in winter? 
Recently, the weather has been reduced, which indicates that it has officially entered the winter, we must pay attention to keep warm and cold. Then the machine should also pay attention to certain maintenance to avoid freezing. After all, the news of freezing machines in winter is not uncommon, especially in the weather in the north. Some places are more than 20 degrees below zero. Today, WAN LI DA Xiaobian will tell you how to maintain the winter uv flatbed printer. 1.In winter, the uv flatbed printer should be placed in a normal working environment, should ensure that the operating room to maintain temperature above 25 degrees, relative humidity of 20 -80%; if the equipment is not used for a long time, the ink should be drained and cleaned with a special cleaning solution to keep the ink head unblocked. 
1.   Use 220V plug correctly to ensure that the power supply of the equipment is grounded correctly. 
2.   Static electricity will interfere with the normal operation of the equipment, ink head ink will be unstable, in serious cases can cause the motherboard, ink head is burned, so to prevent static interference. Before operating the UV flatbed printer, the operator should wash his hands and strictly follow the operating procedures in the manual. Once the static interference occurs, stop the operation immediately and check the current working environment. 
3.   The viscosity of the ink will increase when the temperature is extremely low, which will affect the ink discharge of the nozzle and cause the ink to break. If the air is too dry, it will cause the ink to be dispensed when the nozzle is printed. Please keep the room temperature not lower than 25 °C, and the air humidity is not lower than 50%, to ensure the normal storage conditions of the ink. 
Service life for the UV flatbed printer? 
The life of UV flatbed printers usually depends on the overall design and construction of the machine, plus the quality of the relevant configuration, industrial model equipment, imported accessories, and powerful manufacturers. The uv printer will last longer. Generally speaking, the overall warranty of a uv printer is one year. When there is definitely a failure during use, if the component is not repaired, the replacement component can be solved, so the life can only be for a single component, not for the whole machine! There are two kinds of service life of uv flatbed printers, one is the service life of the whole machine, and the other is the service life of the nozzle. 
1.   The service life of the whole machine is between 8-15 years; 
2.   The service life of the nozzle is between 6 months and 3 years, mainly depending on the type of nozzle, the life of the civilian series is short, and the life of the industrial series is long. 
There are also uv tablet machines in the process of use, pay attention to maintenance and maintenance, in order to make uv printers last longer. Therefore, the primary problem of selecting a uv printer should be considered from the stability of the printer, the choice of the nozzle, the maintenance cost at the later stage (the price of the replacement nozzle), and after-sales service. 
Service life for the nozzle of UV printer? 
The nozzle is not only a core component but also a consumable item for the entire uv printer. For example, in daily operation, if the use and maintenance are improper, the nozzle will be blocked and scrapped. 
The first thing to understand is: the type of uv printer nozzle 
In terms of the domestic market, it is basically Epson nozzles, Seiko nozzles, Konica nozzles and Ricoh nozzles. Of course, there are some relatively unpopular Kyocera, Polaris, Xaar and other nozzles. Due to the scope of use, the market's retention rate is very low, so I won't talk about it here. 
The true life of the nozzle: 
The actual service life of the uv printer Epson nozzle is 3-5 months. If it is printed for less than 4 hours per day, it can be extended to 6 months. The printing time of more than 8 hours per day will be scrapped in about 1-2 months. 
The true life of the nozzle is two: 
The actual service life of uv printers is from 1 to 2.5 years. The life of GS508 in Seiko nozzles is 2.5-3 years, the 255 models are in 4-6 months, and the 510 models are in 6-8 months, 1020. The model is in 8-12 months. 
The true life of the nozzle is three: 
The actual life of the uv printer Konica nozzle is 8-12 months. 
The true life of the nozzle is four: 
The actual service life of the uv printer Ricoh nozzle is around 9 months. The primary problem of choosing a uv printer is that the life of the nozzle is on the one hand. It should also be considered from the factors such as the stability of the nozzle, the price, the maintenance cost at the later stage (the price of replacing the nozzle), and after-sales service. Also, during the use of theuv tablet,pay attentionto themaintenanceand maintenanceof thenozzle, in order to make the printer last longer. 
Which is better for uv printer nozzles? 
Uv printer nozzles, Epson, Seiko, Ricoh have their own low-end, mid-range, high-end series, the advantages of different types of nozzles are not the same, can not say one-sided this good, which is poor. You can choose the nozzles that suit your material needs from the following five technical levels. 
Epson, Ricoh, Seiko nozzle comparison: 
1.   Printing accuracy: Epson five-generation nozzle > Seiko gs1024 nozzle > Ricoh nozzle. 
2.   Sprinkler life: Seiko nozzle > Ricoh nozzle > Epson nozzle. 
3.   Sprinkler price: Ricoh 5th generation nozzle> Seiko gs1024 nozzle> Epson fifth generation nozzle. 
4.   Nozzle stability: Seiko nozzle > Ricoh nozzle > Epson nozzle. 
5.   Matching varnish process plan: Epson nozzle > Seiko nozzle > Ricoh nozzle. 
6.   Corresponding manufacturer's technical level: Seiko nozzle > Ricoh nozzle > Epson nozzle. 
The uv printer nozzle should not be entangled in which one to choose. The nozzle is definitely better to use industrial nozzles. Although the price in the previous period is more expensive, the latter maintenance is very simple. And the quality of the industrial head is also better. 
If you don't print a lot, you can still choose Epson nozzles. Epson nozzles are cheaper than industrial nozzles, but they are used for a short time. 
What is the reason why the white ink floating during printing ? 
The reasons why the white ink floating during printing: 
1.    Cause: The distance is too high 
Solution: Adjust the printing distance to ensure that the print surface is within 3MM from the nozzle. 
2.    Cause: Ink is not good,exposed too long . Solution:Change the new ink. 
3. Fault reason: printing speed is too fast Solution: Reduce the print speed. Print in one-way mode. 
4.    Cause of failure: The printed material is too static Solution: Install the static ion bar. 
What should I do if the uv tablet nozzle is blocked by white ink? 
White ink blockage failure reason for Uv tablet machine nozzle: long-term with no use of white ink or the use of expired white ink, white ink is different from other color inks, long-term with no use will not cause precipitation, block the nozzle. 
Solution: Wash the cleaning nozzle, replace the ink bag, replace the white ink (it is recommended not to add too much white ink). Finally, clean the nozzle holder with ultrasonic wave or replace it with a new one.